3-5 Leads for your Business… EVERYDAY…

Leads are the lifeleverydaybusinessleads-300x300ine of any business. No Leads. No NEW business. No GROWTH.

(Side Note: One of My Mentors and friends Andre Chaperon, told me if you can’t buy leads for your business. You’ll struggle. We’ll get to this in a
few days time)

However, it doesn’t end there.

You also need a process to RETAIN those leads. Sometimes lead generation isn’t a problem. Retention is.

Altogether the MOST important process in any business is:

“Attracting new leads and Keeping them”

There’s a number of ways that you can attract new Leads.

Strategic Alliance with Local Businesses
Youtube (I get a couple of leads from Youtube Vids)
Press Releases
Local Magazines
Direct Mail
Re-activating old Clients
Free Gifts to Build a List

I could continue this list forever.

Thing is you could try ALL of them and scrape the ‘cream off the top’ OR you could pick a couple and become WORLD class.

I’m going with the ‘World Class’ thought right now.

Like anything though, it boils down to SYSTEMS.

I’m on Week 4 of my Fitness Camps right now. If you run a ‘Taster Week’ Model like I do (works really well) then you’ll know this is ‘squeeky bum’ time.

Danielle used to note how I’d get completely stressed, moody, and ‘burned out’ around week 4.

We started to notice a pattern EVERY single Week 4 of Camp I’d be the same.

I then began to realise exactly WHY. I was unsure of how many people were actually going to turn up at my Fitness Camps on the following Monday.

How many new people. How many retained etc.

Now as I’m sitting here I’m completely RELAXED.

What’s changed?

3-5 SOLID leads per day has changed.

What does solid leads mean?

Before I’d finished the 6am camp I had 3 leads. That’s before I’d touched Facebook, email or anything else.

That’s all for today. I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how you can get your hands on this DONE-FOR-YOU system that will save you HOURS of your time, wasted money and of course.


You’ll never have to worry about how many people will turn up to your next Boot Camp.

Keep an eye out for Email Number 2: This is strictly underground. In fact ONLY 20 people will get their hands on this information.

The next post we’l go into the ‘how’ of generating that small amount of leads per day.

Comment below if you have any questions.

Chris ‘leads are the lifeline’ Brown

PS – You’re probably wondering how, and think this is all kinda BS… Well if you think that you’re probably right.

But 20 people will see the value in this and it will completely CHANGE their business forever.

I’m talking it will consistently ADD a minimum of £500 per month to your revenue and that’s if you only do this half arsed.

Over 12 months that’s £39,000 in REVENUE and by the end of 12 months that £6,000 RECURRING revenue EVERY month.

That’s from CONVERTING only 8 people into members EVERY month.

Now if you were generating 3-5 leads per day. That’s a MINIMUM of 90 leads per month.

Even if you only got 1 per day. That’s 30 qualified leads per month. Do you think you could convert at least 8 of those?

You betchya you could.

Imagine what that would do for your life.

Now, I understand. Your realms of ‘beleif’ at this present moment may not line up with reality.

The reality is that you can have a VERY profitable business that changes lives.

I’m talking 6 figures per year is easily achieved with the right info and systems.

If you don’t think tha†’s possible then you seriously need to EXPAND your thinking.

Otherwise. You’ll be stuck as a trainer who just ‘gets by’ forever.

– See more at: http://newerafitnessandperformance.co.uk/3-5-leads-for-your-business-everyday/#sthash.ndQ8u4JM.dpuf

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