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3 reasons you can’t charge more than competitors…

The fitness industry is full with people who are ready and willing to charge bottom dollar for their services.

In fact, I know many of my followers are charging way less than they know they should.

And maybe you know you should be charging more but for whatever reason you’re struggling to make the leap.

You feel trapped and assume your clients will leave you and you feel the only way to get clients is to be the cheapest or cheaper alternative to your competitors.

Let me say this be cheaper or the cheapest is a sprint to the bottom.

So why is this email about 3 reason you can’t charge more?

I want you to know the reasons you’re struggling to charge more.

The reasons you can’t pull yourself from the pits to charge more…

AND why it might CRUSH you to do what you’re doing now but to charge more.

#1 – You’ve got a generic offer with nothing unique or different about it – you can’t differentiate between you and someone else, never mind your prospects.
#2 – Your marketing is sucky and you fear if you don’t charge less and position your offer around being cheaper or better value, you won’t attract clients, you have no systems for attracting the clients you desire, instead you attract a bunch of price sensitive moaners.

#3 – You don’t know how to sell, position a sale, or even ask for money without being cheaper. If a prospect challenges you on price you crumble, you fear what people will say when you reveal price so you hide it and hate it when people ask you about price…

These are 3 of maybe 500 different reasons.

But, nonetheless I know a lot of people struggle with the above, and maybe you’re one of them.

I also know it’s robbing you of at least an additional £100k per year and NOT ONLY that, potentially more.

Many of our students fixing this have been able to generate £200k plus additional in revenue per year.

And you know, there’s only one thing holding you back…

You and your mentality around making a shift.

You and your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and trapped.

You and your own self deprecating view of the world.

… and that’s why you need a coach, that’s why you need someone to cajole you, push you drive you… not only that…

To provide you with solid tools, techniques and strategies to accelerate your business.

And that’s what we do.

Regardless of that though, if any of what I’ve said resonated you NEED an intervention.

Something needs to change, you’re robbing your family of a life they could have by clinging onto the beliefs you have.

You’re also robbing potential clients of an incredible service they could be having, or an incredible facility.

Anyway – if you’re a facility owner and would love to chat about how we can put an extra £100k in your pocket minimum over the next 12 months, then let’s chat!

I have some slots this Wednesday – go here and book now:


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