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5 Reasons your marketing funnels aren’t working like you want them to!

Hey what’s up, I just rocked my morning training, drank a coffee and ate eggs.

The first thing I do after that is study, and then write, and then check my stats from the various campaigns we have going on with different marketing funnels and businesses…

So as I’m doing that I thought I’d lay down why most people’s marketing funnels aren’t working right now and maybe some of them are relevant to you.

By simply fixing these mistakes you’ll almost instantly be able to revolutionise your business.

It’s like a new business who came into our mastermind.

For months prior they’d been spending massive amounts of money on advertising, but with little to no return and they actually wasted a couple of grand on Facebook ads.

Since starting 8 weeks ago, they’ve made over £10k in CASH since implementing my system.

Here are some of the reasons they were failing.

#1 – Their funnel was “lead focussed” instead of customer generation focussed. Meaning they had a funnel set up to just generate leads, now any old chump can teach you to generate leads for a dime a piece, but the difference is massive. You can generate leads all day long but if there’s no qualification, no positioning and no ‘context’ of what it is you do then you’re likely going to end up with cheap leads that don’t convert and you’ll actually lose money

#2 – You don’t have a marketing funnel – you might have a squeeze page you run an advert to, but you don’t have a solid marketing funnel, I mean from start to finish – every little last detail. Most people simple throw up a Facebook ad, throw up a squeeze page and hope for results. It’s not that easy a funnel has many components that support each other and nurture potential clients…

#3 – You don’t know your funnel numbers  so you get scared to spend more money on advertising, if you did know your numbers, you would be able to predictably, reliably and consistently scale your business in a strategic way. I’m always looking to see if I can spend more on advertising, it’s an investment in the growth of your business… As an example – every £1 we spend we make around £6 back… IF you knew how to do that how much would you invest in advertising?

#4 – You guess and throw things together haphazardly… instead of using data, numbers and statistics. We have over £500k worth of Ad Spend Managed on Facebook alone, meaning I have every little bit of data you could ever imagine. I then relay this data to my students so they don’t make expensive mistakes… have you ever ran ads and just thrown your money away? It’s likely because you don’t know the metrics I’m talking about.

#5 – You think too small a bout the potential business growth… When I talk about business growth sometimes I wonder whether people find it too good to be true, but I’ll tell you this – if you don’t have a goal to grow your business by AT LEAST £10k per Month within the next 6-12 months you’re playing small. I speak with a lot of Fit Pro’s and they assume that big growth takes a long time, it really doesn’t. On average, our students add at least £10k per month to their business in a 12 month period… If that sounds crazy to you I’d love to show you the evidence and proof…

Anyway, these are only 5 of potentially hundreds of reasons.

If even one of these resonates with you, then I’d love to speak with you TOMORROW, I know, with a degree of certainty I can see gaps within your business that might not be evident to you right now… And that’s the benefit of chatting with me for just 10 minutes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 200 Fitness Professionals and I’ve seen massive trends of things that work and things that don’t…

… I have some slots available tomorrow to chat about your business and how we can help you grow dramatically – all you gotta do is go to the link here:


Speak to you tomorrow!

Oh, and just for booking a call you will get access to some bonus training on sales… Go ahead and book the call now

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  1. Adam Goodwin on September 13, 2016 at 7:22 am

    I’ve been working with the fitpreneurs and spent 4K on their programme Bd it’s taught me a lot on what I need to generate leads I’ve now set up a sales funnel, but I’m not converting any of these leads. I’m getting Bookings for transformation sessions and people are either cancelling or not showing. I’ve made about 60 leads in the last 2 months and I’ve only converted 3 people. My coaching has finished with the fitpreneurs and they’ve kinda left me high and dry, in debt and stressed. I don’t have any money to invest in more coaching. I just need help fixing my sales funnel and perhaps what I am saying in my phone calls etc. Thanks

    • Chris on September 14, 2016 at 11:27 am

      Hey Adam,

      I see that we’ve got a call booked in next week.

      We can chat then – in the meantime – if you want to check out a free training we have, here’s the link: https://fitnessfacilityprofits.co.uk/10kwebby


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