A historic event, and a sad loss…

Well, last night Carl Cox played his last night in Space.

I remember several years ago as a young raver, with my last £500 taking off to Ibiza… Now, £500 was nowhere near enough for the week, but scraping by as a youngster is what we do.

I was blown away by Carl Cox, having been in the rave scene since 14 busting through fire exit doors to see my favourite DJ’s and traveling to country to go to underground Drum and Bass and House nights, I can tell you watch the big man Carl Cox was a special moment.

My dream as a kid was to be a music producer, and I actually made a ton of cool beats over my time.

Anyway, Carl Cox has played in and rocked Space for the last 15 years.

He’s dedicated his summers to being there and has been paid the big bucks for doing so.

Here’s a lesson from this…

Pursuing with ruthless pursuit, to become the very best you can be with consistency and time leads to being highly paid, well sought after and respected.

Part of the problem in the Fitness Industry right now is that many coaches want to skip the hard part.

Walking the floor, scratching around for clients, working ‘in the trenches’ if you like.

And whats more, there’s coaches in this industry, that are teaching people to grow their business (and some of them doing a great job) that also ’skipped the trenches’…

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you must endure hard work and hustle to get results.

But there’s a few things you can’t teach in life unless you’ve actually been through the mill.

I guess the difference between what I do and what others do is that I’ve ran and still run my own facility.

I’ve had challenging clients and still deal with them from time to time.

I’ve paid my dues (9 years coaching) and I’m STILL paying my dues, I LOVE coaching.

What rifles me up a little at times is the people who fall out of love with coaching, and then choose to teach people business instead.

Infant a little while ago, I had a guy reach out to me asking how we run our killer Mastermind Elite Events in places like Croatia, Miami, Portugal, Barcelona, Amsterdam etc…

…And at first, I thought ah, he wants to join Mastermind Elite (which is a smart thing to do btw 😉 )…

And then he proceeded to tell me that he had to close his Fitness Business down because it wasn’t successful AND that he was doing business coaching now instead.

Now I have no gripes with people do that.

People will do what’s best for their families.

But, when you’re looking for help to grow your business, who are you going to look for…

The person who failed and now teaches others, the person who fell out of love, so now teaches others, the person who never had a facility or never was a PT and teaches others?

OR someone who has a DEEP and intimate knowledge of the Fitness Industry?

A Carl Cox of the Fitness Industry, who has been there a long time and is STILL doing it?

I know who I’d choose, but I’ll leave the decision to you…

In tribute to Carl Cox, I’m listening to his entire set (it was like 9 hours long) from last night as I crank out some work.

We’re actually making some modifications to our gym today.

Chat soon,


PS – IF you’ve got a business and are looking to take it to the next level and really push it forward, I’d love to chat.

I had a few conversations today and it was glaringly obvious to me where the gaps were in each business and business model.

The same way Carl Cox knows how to make a dance floor rock, I know how to make a business sing…

Book a call and let’s chat: https://chrisfastacceleration.youcanbook.me/

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