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From burnout to breakthrough… the 4 key steps Jenz took…

Yesterday I told you about Fergus…

Today, it’s about the boys Jenz and Tony.

Since November 2015 they’ve grown their business from £6k per month to £26k per month…

And there’s some key ways they did this which I’ll reveal in this email.

But first, let me tell you a little about their situation when we first spoke back in September…

For a few months they were in denial, believed they could do it on their own, we had a call and they went back to their ways… this was 6 months prior.

Then, after long deliberation they reached out asking for help.

They ran a weird model that was crushing them and allowing their clients flexibility… which was a negative benefit to both.

They believed the flexibility to be a benefit to the clients but it diminished the accountability.

They were both doing around 30 hours of PT plus at least 10 hours of group coaching each and the business was pulling in a measly £6k per month for their combined 120 hours per week.

It was tiresome and crushing them. Holidays meant taking a hit in revenue and a break in the business. And the holiday was such a decompression it was hard to get going again, or switch off at all in the first place…

After spending sometime together rover the phone we established a couple of key things…

1) A STRONG pricing frame and a package that gave more accountability to the clients. We went from block bookings to Monthly Recurring billing. This was the first shift in the business model.

2) We created Marketing Funnels that delivered highly qualified leads every day of the week using “The Fitness Business Profit Pipeline™” this is the funnel I deploy in all new students businesses

3) We overhauled their sales process… They were trying to demonstrate their knowledge and experience and getting a thank you and a hand shake, instead of clod hard cash and a new client, this shift meant they went from 30% conversion to over 80% conversion from COLD prospects.

4) We established a Model that was leveraged and allowed their team to step in and coach, and not only that, one they could slot their PT clients into and they would be happy, holding onto ONLY the essential PT clients…

As a result of these 4 shifts, plus another couple of keys things we did later, they saw their business jump from £6k per month to £15k per month within a month or 2…

Then with the strategic marketing we deployed after that they hit £26k last month.
Last week they both spent a week out in Croatia with us at our Croatia Mastermind Elite intensive… something they couldn’t do before… Not only that, they are now only coaching a mere 10 hours per week, have more time off and less anxiety.

Jeez told me that his relationship has improved and it was great anyway, he now wakes up empowered instead of burnt out and realises what really matters in his business…

Growing a company that impacts people and enriches lives, whilst enriching his own.

Having a business that serves him rather than, him serve it.

It’s been incredible watching this and we’ve just mapped out their 7 figure plan last week.

I know they’ll hit close to £40k per month by the end of the year.

And it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of…

Want to see how we can help you make this shift too?

I’d love to chat.

I got a few spots available for tomorrow.

Let’s chat and see how we can help you make more impact, get more clients, and make more money…

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Chris ‘breezy’ Brown

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