What you gonna do in the Winter?

Winter… Summer ain’t even over summer yet…

Trust me on this one. Years of running outdoor Fitness Camps preps you for the winter months.

It’s called: Foresight.

You must have half an eye on the winter months. There’s a huge attrition (drop off) rate in the winter IF you don’t have insane retention strategies in place.

In fact no matter how good you are at retaining, the winter is tough as hell to get through. How do you convince a brand new member it’s a good idea to train in freezing cold weather and rain at 6am in the morning!

I managed. But it was still tough.

The work begins now. Fill your camps with as MANY people as possible all through the summer and then you’ll be in a much better position to retain come winter.

I remember the very first winter I endured. It was tough. I just well. Expected to continue as usual. I was getting up so should they. It’s a VERY different thing when it’s your business livelihood though.

I even at times thought to myself… “Oh shiiit, the weather out side is bllllaaaagh!”

My outdoor days were pure hustle. Networking. Facebook. Blogging.
Phoning old trialists.

These days. It’s far easier! I’ve dialed down the system for lead generation and I’m still tweaking it almost daily to increase effectiveness.

3-5 leads everyday on Automation.


This gives me an unfair advantage to the rest of the Bootcamps in my area.

1) I have an indoor facility.

2) I generate leads on Autopilot daily.

It’s almost like having a full time sales team working for me.

There are only really 2 things you need to focus on over the next 4 months.

1) Generate new potential clients (leads)

2) Convert and Keep these people

Or of course you can completely ignore this, be passive and ride the fine summer, thinking “wow, loads of people are signing up”

And then come winter, BAM. You’re in the SHIT!

I’m telling you I’ve seen and heard from possibly 50 -100 trainers who have falling for this trap.

It can literally be the difference between you surviving the winter months and scraping by OR thriving in the winter and still growing month to month.

Avoid Lead Generation, become a broke miserable trainer training less than 10 people in the pouring rain. OR worse than anything. Be the only person to turn up at 6am when the going really gets tough.

It can happen to you and I’ve seen Facebook status’ countless times.

“Bootcamp Cancelled due to the weather and people not coming! You are all a joke. A little bit of rain puts you off”

I’ve seen marketing suicide messages like that numerous times!

One the other day in fact.

If you’d like to join me in Liverpool July 21st and 22nd. I’ll be revealing how I generate 3-5 AUTOMATED leads on a daily basis.

It’s application only –https://fitnesscampacademy.wufoo.eu/forms/livelead-generation-weekend-with-chris-brown/

For serious, people who value investing in their business only!


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