Meet Z

How to Get a £27k per Month Facility in less than 18 months…

Meet Z.

He’s been in business a long time with Partner Sean of S & P.

Together they’ve owned a facility since 2009. A long time before the wave of new facilities popping up.

We’ve been working together for 18 months or so give or take.

And in that time they’ve grown from £6k to £27k per month…

See Z’s story for yourself…


IF you’re a Fitness Facility Owner Looking to do the same, book a call with me from the page.

I have a couple of slots available for tomorrow.

Go now, watch the video, then if it makes sense, let’s chat and see how we can help you.

Speak soon,


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Since 2012, Chris has been the go-to teacher for Fit Pro's who want more clients & more free time. Chris works with fit pros and coaches who understand that making £10k per month is a viable option and within 12 months. His signature systems are built around scaling up for attracting prospects, converting them to clients, and delivering them en-masse.