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Is it really possible to get rich by training people?

It’s a controversial topic.

Not only that it’s open you’ve likely argued in your mind about over and over.

Think about it, we’re in an industry helping people, serving them and helping them get better.

BUT, we’re not crusaders.

We’re business owners and sometimes that gets twisted. Because you’d happily help people all day long, you give away your time for peanuts.

And you might even look to those like my students who are making multiple hundreds of thousands per year and be envious, jealous or even slightly pissed.

You may even say things like “I don’t do this for money, it’s my passion”

And that’s great… Let me ask you a question…

How many people do you know who buy the dream family home with passion and passion alone?

Now, I don’t disagree, passion is hella important. But passion ALONE will not be suffice.

Being business savvy, being entrepreneurial, keeping a keen eye on finances combined with passion trumps all.

Let me take a guess, you didn’t have much money growing up so you don’t like focussing on the numbers. You love what you do, so that ’softens the blow’ of not making the money you deserve.

Are you really, truly prepared to trade your time away from your family and kids, and or future family and kids for a 1-1 client who doesn’t really truly care about you?

Or are you REALLY willing to keep doing 16 hour days sacrificing your life for your passion?

Passion is important, love for what you do is important, but don’t pretend like money doesn’t matter.

You’re telling yourself a lie.

And those that tell you money is important are those that are also broke and wish they had more money.

There’s a balance, but I use my business ventures to create MORE FINANCE AND TIME so I can break the system and live fully.

This summer I may even live in a european city for a few weeks. I may not.

In the next couple of weeks I’m having a baby, I don’t need to take paternity or break my income, all of my income is structured in a way I get paid regardless of whether I work today or not.

If you can’t take a weeks holiday without it affecting your business then I’m sorry to tell you you don’t have a business.

Try using passion to pay for that weeks holiday.

Now, being money focussed does not mean MONEY above everything.

What it means is that you’re focussing on the financials.

I ONLY engage in businesses that improve the quality of someones life.

And I charge what I’m worth, the results I can generate for people, and in all honesty the results are 10X larger than what I charge.

Like the students who have made £100k PLUS over the last 12 months alone from my knowledge proprietary systems and strategies…

Never mind compounding that over 10 years. And the ever growing nature of their business.

If you’re fucking fed up of scraping by.

If you’re frustrated as hell that you aren’t living the life you desire…

If you’re finally ready to accept that someone out there has the answer to your troubles….

Then STEP UP and reach out – I have availability this coming Wednesday to chat with you COMPLETELY free to discuss your business and see how we can help overhaul your life.

We do this by increasing your profits, overhauling your model, giving your structure and strategy.

9 times out of 10, the biggest benefactor is going to be your family, they’re going to get a happier version of you with more cash.

Last year I took my family to Disney, New York and Miami, we flew premium, we upgraded our hotels to a suite, and we did EVERYTHING we wanted without worrying about money.

6 Years ago, I was grinding and working 16 hours days, I was single and alone. And had I not have met Danielle I’d likely have still been miserable and alone.

Usually the harder you work, the less you earn. It’s simple.

Get help Now.

If ANY of what I’ve said has resonated, get your head out of the sand, stop pissing around and reclaim 2016.

We’re almost half way through the year. Is it going the way you wanted it to?

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