quit bitching

Quit Bitching…

Not you of course, what feels like a strong segment of the Fitness Industry…

(TIP: If you have a strong subject (headline) in an email, always pay it off in the first sentence)

Let’s dive in…


Polarising is incredibly important.

However that doesn’t mean having Disdainful Contempt for others.

noun: disdain; plural noun: disdains
1.  the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect.

It’s a sickening thing I’m seeing in the Fitness Industry right now, where bashing, or making a mockery of others success, or methods is seen as commonplace.

It does nothing for your credibility, actually narrows your reach, and diminishes trust with a wider audience and grows a tiny group of people who worship you to serve your ego.

There are many other methods to polarise, if “bashing publicly” is your method of gaining traction and attention, then it’s short lived, be wary of those that openly bash their competitors methods.

It’s fear and scarcity driven mostly.

Other than that it’s largely distasteful.

I’d far rather champion the things people are doing right, share a message that drives people forward and lifts people up as opposed to dragging the communication to the gutter.

Short term, of course, it brings attention…

I’ve had several fit pros reach out to me since last weeks live stream on the same topic telling me they’re part of groups that “bash” and at first it was funny and cool, but now it actually steers them clear.

Finally – the most upsetting thing about this is the people I see doing this often are in a position to do far greater things, with a much bigger message, and a far bolder statement.

This goes for smart coaches locally, nationally and internationally.

This isn’t about a particular person, rather just an observation of collectives, of an industry I believe to be incredibly important and one I’ll fight for to be better.

Nothing other than an important message today.


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