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Yesterday we talked about Lead Generation being the ‘life line’ of your business…

I also gave you a LIST of places you can find new clients… Thing is you’ll notice the majority of the things in that list require WORK and HUSTLE.

Here’s the list again:
Strategic Alliance with Local Businesses
Youtube (I get a couple of leads from Youtube Vids)
Press Releases
Local Magazines
Direct Mail
Re-activating old Clients
Free Gifts to Build a List

Hustle is still required. Of course. However it get’s tedius.

Facebook status’s to generate new clients through FREE TRIALS. It’s always YOU pushing your message on them.

Well, how about people actually registering for your camps by filling in a fairly lengthy application form?

AND having 3-5 people do this EVERYDAY. On AutoPilot.

This has been so effective that I’ve stopped posting on my Facebook profile as often.

What I found is. The time I’d get ‘engagement’ was the times I didn’t want to work.

I’d get roped into fruitless conversations in the hope I’d generate a new client or two. That game is a sure fied way to ruin your relationship and sanity.

I’d be on Facebook as soon as I got home from work, kidding myself I was bringing business in for the Family.

It’s all BS. Now I don’t do ANY of that AND generate WAAAY more potential clients than I used to.

I know this sounds ‘hypey’ and impossible. But like I said. Only 20 people w i l l e v e r g e t a c c e s s t o t h i s i n f o r m a t i o n .

So if you don’t beleive me after seeing the video that’s your beef. No problem.

I’ll keep this to myself.

(Plus what I didn’t show you is that for every 3-5 leads I add another 5 to my email list – which means I can market (help, guide, support) to them consistently and in future)

Why only 20 people?

<p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>1 – It’s powerful and I want action takers only to benefit from it.
2 – I don’t want my ‘competition’ (I say that lightly meaning other trainers) to get hold of my lead generation strategy. Why would I when I’m cleaning up and I fully believe my solution is the BEST in the area.</p>
Same goes for you. I don’t want several trainers in the SAME area getting hold of this information and making it less effective for you.

This is ONLY available for those who are willing to come and hang out with me and do some work.

We’ll have all of the following DONE in a Weekend:
<p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>1 – Your Lead Generation Funnel Built and Ready to Roll.
2 – Done-for-You-tweakable-emails so you have a Follow up process.
3 – The EXACT Blueprint from Step 1 to Sign up Laid out.
4 – Getting ‘foot fall’ – AKA Traffic – Getting people to actually FIND you and your message and APPLY (Key word: Apply. it gives them a totally different mindset: Plus my form makes the prospect sell my Fitness Camp to themselves)
5 – We’ll plug it in and and start generating Leads before we even leave the event!</p>
Sound cool and of interest to you?

There’s two options:

1 – Continue to SLOG away at your computer in a hope for new clients not being sure how many people are actually going to turn up for your taster week (we have 22 confirmed already for next week and we always convert around 90%)


2 – Invest a little bit of money that is PROVEN to generate RESULTS in your business… and in fact not just results but more mooolaaar – the more money you have the more you can help people. Simple.

For me… It’s a no-brainer. Of course I am biased. But I’m sure 20 people WILL see the value.

So be quick.

The next message is coming TOMORROW… With the rest of the Information.

Dates: ?

Times: ?

Location: Liverpool

Investment: 2 x £99 (split 4 weeks apart)

Plus I’m going to unveil some ‘bonus’ stuff too – In fact the bonus stuff will pay for the event before you even get there.

How cool is that?

Chris ‘putting money in your pocket’ Brown

PS – Seriously. Do not Miss this.
Like I said. I won’t be sharing this information. 20 people and that’s it.

I’m not doing this for the money. I’m doing this to build a small network of trainers who are willing to see the benefit of investing in themselves.

I could charge easily £500 for this weekend and you’d walk away happy.

No bullshit. No hype. TRUTH.

Keep an eye out for that message tomorrow…

This WILL change your life. Period.

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