The big smoke’s calling…

As I’m writing this, I’m sat on a train London bound.

And it occurred to me I should share this with you.

Many moons ago I was broke.

Well, I’m turning 30 next month, so let’s say about 10 years ago.

I was busting a nut in a low paid job, whilst at Uni getting my credentials on…

I’ve done a fair share of low level jobs, but don’t regret a single one.

I got my first job on my 16th Birthday as a silver service waiter. I was useless at it, and hated it. My boss was a real dick. (he’s probably still doing the same thing)

My next job was at McDonalds, whilst at college, earning a measly £3.16 an hour, I went through management training and learned a TON about systemisation, yes I bust my guts for pennies, but the in depth knowledge I got about systemisation was KILLER for today…

Next, I worked in Nissan, on the line building cars. This was mind numbing, but good money. I blew it all on nights out and clothes. And taking my mates out.

But, Nissan is Europe’s most productive Factory.

A car rolls off the line EVERY 60 seconds.

And I first learned about Kaizen there. In fact they had an entire department devoted to Kaizen. (Continuous improvement)

I actually spent my time on the production team launching a new model and working on line improvements and streamlining…

In all of this time, I was coaching Football to kids on the side.

In fact, I’ve been a coach since I was 16 years old.

That’s crazy, 13 years of my life devoted to coaching.

I’d read books from the great tactical masters and learn so much about human potential and performance.

This LIT me up with my drive to coach.

So my experience in McDonalds learning about systems and processes, my time at Nissan Refining the production, and my years of coaching have given me a sharp eye to tuning performance.

Which is why I think we get incredible results with our coaching students.

Anyway, the purpose of today’s email is to let you know this.

I invest MONEY to save time and improve my experience and I do it regular.

I’m sat in First Class.

It costs a little more, not too much, but I get more space, I get more freedom, I get a table for my laptop, I get to relax, I get to chill, it’s not crowded.

I can read, relax or work.

My point is, there’s many things you can do in life to fast track results and improve your experience.

Investing in coaching being one of them.

Sure, you can try to do it on your own, but it’s arduous, slow and often gets you nowhere…

Kind of like being stuck on a busy train, frustrated to hell…

I’m a necessary evil, if you could do it without me you would.

If you could do it without any coach you would.

I don’t have to preach to you the lvalue of coaching, you’re a coach.

You know you get better results with your clients than they could on their own…

So my question is:

If your clients get better results with you than they do without…

Why don’t you have a business coach to help YOU get better results than you do on your own?

It’s a simple question.

And it has a simple answer.

But if you have double standards, where you expect clients to invest in your for help, but you’re unwilling to do it yourself, OR worse, think you can do it on your own then I know your business isn’t reaching it’s potential.

In fact, you may actually be doing pretty well, but you just don’t have the freedom you want, or the time off you want.

Or even the cash you want…

There are many ways you can get better, and where I hired met first business coach way back, it kicked my ass to spur me on…

Want to explore the opportunity of getting some help?

Book a call here: https://chrisfastacceleration.youcanbook.me/

And let me say this, this call isn’t a dressed up sales call, it’s to explore where you’re at, and heck, I promise I won’t even mention my program unless you ask me about it…

Book the call and let’s chat.

Speak soon,

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