The Lie many PT’s are living every day (I lived it too)

I used to think this way, many people do too.

You ’think’ that waking up day to day and getting on your business is necessary.

You think that things can’t change fast.

You think that you have to suffer tiresome 1-1 sessions that you don’t enjoy.

You think that you have to grind and hustle and work insanely hard, so much so you spend more time at work than you do with your family.

You tell yourself you don’t have enough money to get help, yet not getting help is costing you WAY more than you think.

You think that success comes after grind and hustle, it doesn’t success comes from thinking, planning, strategy and execution.

You’re locked in the grind and model you have right now, you wake up dreading the early mornings and late nights.

You find your own training suffering because you’re spending every hour trying to run your business.

Yet, you look at your bank balance and it doesn’t reflect the hard work you’re putting in.

You think, your time will come if you keep grinding, unless of course you’re metaphorically speaking digging for gold in a mine that has no gold.

Unless you look at yourself right now and look at your life HONESTLY and STOP bullshitting yourself you realise you’re wasting time, energy effort and you’re spending more time with your clients than you are with your family… things won’t change.

Imagine for a second staring your partner and kids in the eyes in 20 years from now and saying, I’m so sorry I was working so hard and spending more time at work than I did with you.

Your kids are only young once, your family is only young once, you have a limited time in this industry, unless of course you want to coach until you die.

That’s not for me, but it was the path I was on for such a long time.

Likely this email will offend a few people, and if that’s you it’s because I’m hitting a nerve.

You can’t argue with reality.

If your reality represents any of the above it isn’t going to change unless you decide to change.

And let me tell you this from experience…

… You’re unlikely to change unless you have EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL leverage.

That’s why investing in coaching usually sparks a big shift.

It’s also why you won’t change until one day your kid looks you in the eyes and asks you not to go to work tonight and they cling onto your arm dragging you back…

AND maybe the first, second or third time you ignore that.

BUT after a period of time it grinds you down, you realise your family don’t care about the extra holidays you go on, all they want is your presence.

Your time is limited on this planet, PLEASE don’t waste your time and accept the need for change and help.

I care deeply about helping people and seeing them succeed, I’m likely not the only coach you follow, so regardless, if it makes sense for me to help you or somebody else, reach out and ask for help today.

Doing it on your own isn’t valiant, it’s dumb.

People have walked the path you want to navigate.

Why try and build the map yourself.

It’s the expensive and slow path to success.

The short cut is making an investment in someone that can help you. I re-iterate that may be me or someone else. Although do your due diligence, I know of at least 5 of my former students who are operating in this niche, who had very small, struggling businesses, pre working with me, who now teach methods I taught them.

Anyway, if you’re open to a conversation to see how we can shift your business from something resembling the above to be able to have freedom and time with your family, then reach to and let’s chat. No Pressure, but be willing to change and open to guidance…

Here’s the link to book a call, it’s not a call disguised as a sales call, in fact there’s nothing for sale on this call, I do my bit each week and speak with 10 coaches to help them find clarity for free.

It’s my way of giving back, then if you feel like you want help we schedule a second call.

Go here now, stop wasting the life you’re desperate to live, it can be simple



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