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This made me cry…. don’t judge me

I’m feeling emotional right now.

Last week, we were CRUSHING business and having a BOAT LOAD of Fun in Croatia with my Mastermind crew.

I set my students a competition to shoot and diary the mastermind and the winner would get a full day of consulting with me of which I charge (£5,000).

Martin, decided he’d go at it FULL TILT and shot this AWESOME video, not only that he shows (with HARD evidence) how we helped him grow his company to £52,000 per Month.

He also gives 4 INCREDIBLE insights.

And this was all as part of a competition.

I recommend you watch it from start to finish, it will inspire you!

And jeez, it probably won’t make you cry, but when you hear his story, and how much I’ve personally helped him grow, and how grateful he is for that, it shed a tear in my eye for sure!

Watch it here:


PS – If you like what you watch and hear from the video – book a 10 minute call to see how we can help you get the same results from your business!

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