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Too many folks just Waiting to Die!

One of the most raw emails I’ve written in a good while.

And if it doesn’t move you, inspire you, shock you, anger you, jolt you or move you into some form of action then I’ll be surprised.

Just know, that it’s written with your best intentions at heart.

I’ve been thinking about his for a LONG time.


Some people are living in this world waiting to die.

They get up, go to work, do their thing, come home, rinse and repeat.

They live too afraid to take action on their dreams and live a life less fulfilled than they desire.

People judge, criticise, comment and feel it’s their place to pass opinion on others. They feel it’s their right, and maybe so, however it’s not their business to do so.

And I’m writing this email to you, I’m writing it to me, I’m writing it to anyone that wants to read it.

I’ve lived my life less than fulfilled.

I worked in a factory for 18 months at 18 years old KNOWING I had more to give this universe, knowing that I was wasting away, and I remember a guy who I’ll always be grateful too said to me, GET OUT OF HERE WHILE YOU’RE YOUNG, you’ll be trapped.

And you know, my Dad always said that too – he worked there at the time also. And he never wanted me to be part of the factory life.

But here’s the thing, we live in a crazy system where we’re told what we should wear, what we should look like, what we should and shouldn’t do, who we should and shouldn’t do it with, where we should live, how many holidays we should take per year and we’re told we have to pay this tax, adhere to this way of living…

And you know some things are completely out of our control.




What others say and do to us.

But we STILL have a huge amount of choice about what we actually do with our lives.

But, many believe we’re destined to live a life not too different to a Zoo life, we’re locked into patterns of thinking, you go to work every day because you feel you have no choice, you suffer your bosses bullshit because you have to pay the bills OR you work with clients who destroy your soul because they pay your wages.

If you complain about something more that twice do one of two things:



We live in one of the MOST exciting times we’ve ever lived in. You can make money from home, you can get jobs that are flexible and you can work from home, you can travel for a pittance, you can drive amazing cars, you have an app that will order a chauffeur (UBER), you can book hotels with your smart phone.

You can even trade stocks and shares with your phone.

You have more power in a laptop than we had in a giant computer room 30 years ago.

No matter what age, your circumstances, your challenges, you can choose what the hell you want to do with your life.

The messed up thing is many people live in a cage but the door is unlocked, yet they feel the cage is more secure and safe than venturing outside.

The fear of not knowing what stands around the corner keeps you stuck, locked, trapped, paralysed and instead of seeing that as exciting you see it as scary.

One of the scariest things I visualise almost daily is looking back when I’m old and I’ve lived the majority of my life, and thinking

“I had all of these dreams I never took steps towards”

“Why did I listen to that person?”

“What was I afraid of”

And thinking about the missed opportunities, the missed steps, the missed moments because I was too afraid, and I use that FEAR to propel me forward, it over shadows any fear in the moment.

I’ll say it again, too many people are just waiting to die, with dreams locked up in side of them, aspirations and goals they never think they can achieve, big lofty goals they write down meticulously yet never do anything about because, well “I’m never going to achieve it anyway”

Why do I deserve that, surely I don’t deserve it, I’m X, Y, Z people like me don’t achieve those things.

This locked level of thinking is keeping you from physical, spiritual, emotional and financial abundance.

And instead is serving you scarcity in all areas above.

It’s keeping you stuck in a place you don’t want to be, yet you’re too afraid not be there.

Stop waiting to die, and start living like you’re dying!

Make the most of every breath, take bold moves like tomorrow doesn’t exist (nothing life threatening of course), be vulnerable like you won’t see the sunrise.

Love openly, live abundantly and share honestly.

The door of your cage is open, should you choose to walk out of it, and embrace the unknown instead of fear it.


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