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What is the biggest mistake I see in Fitness Business growth?

Straight up.

This has to be it.

Creating a Goal that is entirely physically impossible.

I hear numbers like £10k per month being Bandied about.

Yet, most people have a pricing structure that will never support that goal.

Maybe you feel like you’re under charging and you’re struggling to take your business to the revenue heights you want to.

Well, here’s some examples.

If you have a group training program for say £50 a month, you’re going to need 200 clients to reach £10k per month.

My next question is:

“Do you have the ability to service all of those clients, do you have the infrastructure and the availability to run sessions”

Or lets say for example, you’re doing Personal Training.

And charge even on the higher side of hourly rates of £45 per hour.

in Order to hit £10k per month you need to do 55 hours of Personal Training per WEEK.

Now, whilst both of these are possible. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be living much of a life hitting these goals.

And thus comes mistake too.

Having a REVENUE goal but not a lifestyle goal.

If your goal is to grow a business to have more time with your family, or to do more of your hobbies or maybe have more freedom – both of the above examples won’t give you that.

In fact, they’re likely to pile drive you into the ground.

There’s very little LEVERAGE.

Meaning you’re exchanging a LARGE proportion of your time for money. Money is a renewable resource, time is NOT.

So choose your TIME goals over your Money goals.

Finally, I see Personal Trainers / Gym Owners never really have anything that makes them unique or different to their competition and that is WHY they’re unable to command higher fee’s.

That is why they price themselves competitively and maybe you’re the same, but deep down you know you’re more valuable.

You know that you’re worth more money. The problem is, you just don’t understand how to communicate that value more effectively…

True or False?

True, right?

So – I’m offering you another great opportunity to jump on a 30 minute call with me. To discuss all of the above and see how we can FIX your challenges and put in places goals with a strategy to take you to the next level of income.

If you haven’t already – go and apply for your call here:

Chris ‘breezy’ Brown

PS – Like mentioned in yesterdays email – you must qualify for the call – my time is extremely limited and I can only offer just 5 of these per week. Considering right now we’ve had over 3,000 downloads of the Fitness Facility Cheat Sheet – you’ll see that this is a small opportunity that you must take advantage of and fast…

Go and book it now.

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