Why Advertising Alone Won’t Save Your Business…

It’s kind of controversial.

And you may even follow “experts” or self proclaimed people who dictate that having a system for attracting and converting leads is THEE most important thing in your business.

Not only that, people can even convince you that you need complex funnels, or software like infusionsoft to run your business to streamlined automation.

And here’s the thing.

It doesn’t have to be difficult and complex.

You don’t need any expensive software.

And you can simplify your whole entire business, meaning less time faffing, more time enjoying your life.

Advertising is not my priority within my business and I’ll tell you for why.

Driving More people to a broken business model will just create more problems.

Running ad campaigns without a converting funnel will be a sure fired way to burning through money.

Likely, this has already happened. You mock up an ad campaign and you expect a boat load of leads but when that doesn’t happen you’re left wondering why.

Is it my advert? Is it my image? Is it my squeeze page? Is it my offer?

Yada yada.

But the reality is most businesses need less than 20 leads per month to THRIVE if they have everything else dialled in…

If you have an average Lifetime Customer Value (LTCV) of 12 months. And you attract in 15 new clients per month, that’s 180 clients that you’ll have continuously.

That’s assuming that EVERY client leaves after 12 months, there would be a portion, maybe 20% stay longer. But on average 12 months can easily be the figure.

Now if you had 2 programs one priced at £99 and the other at £200.

And you have a 70/30 split between the two programs, meaning 70% are paying £99 and 30% are paying £199.

Your monthly revenue would be a consistent, and reliable…

180 x 0.70 = 126 x 99 = £12,474

180 x 0.30 = 54 x 199 = £10,746

Total = £10,746 + £12,474 = £23,220


£278,640 per Year.

So a fancy Marketing funnel doesn’t get you there, advertising alone doesn’t get you there.

180 clients can easily provide you with a cash rich business.

Let’s assume you run at 40% Net Profit.

That’s £111,456 per Year Profit.

That’s likely you being fully outsourced from the business too.

Set up 5 Businesses that way and you net profit £557,280

Or half a million per year.

Again, this can be done with a stupidly simple, really easy marketing funnel. You need less than 1 lead per day to make this happen.

Lead Generation is not THEE most important thing.

Nor is complex funnels and mentally taxing campaigns with lots of moving parts.

Things can be stupidly simple, and since I personally have simplified and helped others simplify their model, profits in some instance have even Quadrupled in a very short space of time.

So don’t think Facebook Ads, or Google Ads will fix your business it won’t.

That’s the same as building a house on quick sand.

That’s what low level coaches focus on – let’s get more leads, let’s give you a complex funnel, let’s do all this fancy stuff…

No, simplify, strategically execute, scale.

Do that and you’ll profit like gang busters

Are you a Gym Owner that wants my help to outline a plan that helps you build a house on solid foundations?

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