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Why my struggle was my saviour….

I’ve struggled in life.

A lot.

From business, to personal life, my Dad having cancer when I was just 10/11…

…I’ve watched my parents gamble everything they had on a derelict farm and we lived in a caravan for nearly two years.

We didn’t have Christmas gifts for 3 years as we literally needed money to survive.

My parents nearly lost the farm and the business they built several times over.

It’s a long story but, one day Northumbrian Water rocked up and decided to dig massive trenches through our fields disrupting the small business they had built.

My Dad took a redundancy from his job he was in for 25 years…

They then needed ALL of his redundancy to pay bills and his entire life’s work went back into the pot to keep us afloat.

Why am I telling you this?

This resilience and struggle is what TRULY shaped me.

I’ve been without, we’ve been broke as a family and there were only a couple of things we needed to survive.

2. Confidence it can be achieved
3. The ability to endure pain and keep progressing EVEN when it seems impossible.

I’m not even sure how my Mum kept us in the house.

Now today the business is flourishing and growing and whilst it’s still drawing, heavy hard work it’s be 16 years in the making.

I have photographs of the whole project, I’d love to share them with you one day.

The thing I want you to take from this is STRUGGLE is your saviour, but it doesn’t have to be.

A lot of people struggle yet never let go of it, they continue to struggle and life becomes one big frustrating struggle.

Yet within that struggle are many lessons.

It’s kind of weird, a lot of people punish themselves, beat themselves up mentally.

But you must learn from the struggle and adapt. If you’re struggling in business or you’re successful but can’t breakthrough there are lessons you’re missing out on.

There are clues that can release you.

Often you’re too close to the problem to even see it.

Again, I remember one day waking up in the caravan freezing cold and with a damp blanket, my Mum said this is enough…

And my sister and I lived with my Nan for a while as they got the house to liveable state.

We all have a threshold and tolerance.

It’s only when we will no longer tolerate the struggle that we will be free of it.

Those times in life taught me SO much about being resilient and it’s part of my character now, to this day as an entrepreneur.

I have little fear about growing my business as I’ve been in a place where I had nothing.

I’ve been in a place where we had no gifts for Christmas three years in a row, but what we had was love, joy and our family.

I’m eternally grateful for those times in my life.

My parents instilled insane amounts of belief in me.

And they taught me to take risks to pursue dreams.

And that it’s love and connection that matters, not material things.

My parents have been my BIGGEST mentors in life.

Not only that, I’ve seen and witnessed them living a life pursuing their dreams..

This is my why.

I believe I have a gift.

And that gift is to help people like you create shifts so dramatic in your life it will never be the same again.

I’m insanely confident in my ability to take a business owner and turn their life around.

I don’t say this from a point of ego, but a place of understanding.

We are all genetically gifted, it’s in our DNA this just happens to be my gift.

And I’d LOVE to explore how I can help you walk out of the struggle and into the light as I have done with many students.

Book a 10 minute exploration call with me next week and lets chat about your business and how I can help you.

Please note, I only work with existing business owners, if you’re new to the industry shoot me an email, let me know your situation and I’d love to help.

The call is ALL for business owners, we’ll dig into your operations and I’m sure we can find AT LEAST an extra £100k per year for your business.

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Speak soon,

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