What am I doing wrong?

I received a very valid and awesome question yesterday, the guy will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but it’s a great question:

“Dude in your brutal honest opinion, looking from the outside of the bubble what do you think stops me being successful?

…we’re on a crazy slippery slope big time ATM” My reply was simple.

“Are you generating leads daily?

Are you retaining clients?

Are you giving 150% to your clients?

Are you investing in your knowledge regularly?”

Their reply: “Fuck all leads mate, retaining side works hard on and we rarely have leavers, knowledge I could do more defo – finically we JUST about breaking even if I sell my arse”

My Reply: “How can you fill a bucket with water with no water? the thing is this has everything to do with foresight, how if you aren’t building a list, generating leads, can you expect to grow?

Their reply: “true story mate got an email list of around 100 peeps who are regularly open emails, but i don’t do enough there defo”

My reply: “Are you actively building a list?”

Their reply: “nope, grab an email here and there through my free report -haven’t a clue how tbh”

My reply: “have you asked for referrals?”

Their reply: “I’m always asking for referrals, when I asked the other week what can I do to make it easier they said nothing they rave about us people just don’t seem to want it, that’s why I wanted to see if it was something from the outside of the bubble”

I thought you would benefit from reading this conversation.

I get this type o’ thing a lot.

Seems trainers don’t understand marketing, nor do they actively market their business other than Facebook.

There’s only 3 ways to grow a business:

1) Add more clients

2) Increase the amount of times they spend with you

3) Increase the amount of money they spend with you Number 1 equates to generating new leads and converting new people.

This happens through referrals, list building, google, social media, local reputation, ability to attract new leads… plus much more.

Not only that.

You must be able to CONVERT these leads into ‘ye olde cashola’.

Number 2 equates to continuity essentially referred to as ‘retention’.

How are you keeping members engaged?

How are you continuing to get them results?

What are you doing to create pain of disconnect?

Are you offering memberships?

Are you making the ability to take monthly payments simple?

Number 3 boils down to offering higher end services, upsells, downsells, supplements, basically ‘add-ons’, things that benefit your members.

So analyse your business.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Are you generating new leads for your business everyday?

2) Are you retaining members and providing constant value?

3) Do you only have 1 service or product available or several?

Be honest.

This is the only thing you need to understand WHY you’re struggling.

It boiled down to this.

1) Generate and convert new leads.

2) Service and look after current members.

3) Increase the average spend of members by offering other products or services that directly benefits their results.

Chris ‘understand WHY you’re failing’ Brown

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