Your Facebook Ads Challenges FIXED

I’m not sure if you’re aware, BUT I’m tomorrow night at 8pm, I’ll be dialling in with a bunch of Highly Motivated Fitness Professionals and helping them through their Facebook Ads Challenges.

This is a paid for workshop where I’ll be delivering 100% value.

It’s not a paid for event with a huge pitch at the end, it’s a 100% content lead workshop ONLINE which you can attend from the comfort of your home.

I’ll be digging deep into:

1) Why now is the time to cash in on Facebook Ads and why if you aren’t aware of this ONE THING I’m sharing, you’ll become another Graveyard Fitness Marketer, who failed to take the opportunities when they arose.

2) a Look inside of one of my most recent campaigns so that you can gain insights to how we roll out our profitable ad campaigns multiple times over.

3) How to use Facebook Ads to create complete authority in your area and dominate any competing business in an ethical and cool way

4) How to understand the STRATEGY behind Facebook Ads and not just the push button tactics that most Guru’s teach.

This is 100% Guaranteed and if you don’t fee like you can generate at LEAST 5 new clients immediately after the training, you can hit me up for a refund.

I’m unleashing it all to a small audience.

You only have 36 hours to secure your place and as I type this there are only 13 seats available.

So be one of the last few to get in OR, miss out.

This could be the difference between you having a HIGHLY profitable 2015, and an averagely profitable 2015.

Secure your place now:


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Since 2012, Chris has been the go-to teacher for Fit Pro's who want more clients & more free time. Chris works with fit pros and coaches who understand that making £10k per month is a viable option and within 12 months. His signature systems are built around scaling up for attracting prospects, converting them to clients, and delivering them en-masse.